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2024 Olympic Venues – From Paris to Tahiti!


Article written by Elisa - Travel Writer & Local in France
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Olympic Venues Paris 2024

In 2024, from 26 July until 7 August, Paris will host the Summer Olympic Games. The city previously hosted the Games in 1900 and 1924 with success, so it’s no wonder the French capital won the bid for a third time!

This time, however, some of the various events of the Summer Olympics 2024 will be hosted in other French cities – beautiful and popular destinations to visit year-round. So, if you’re considering a trip to France, what better opportunity to visit than during the next Summer Olympics 2024?

From Nice to Tahiti, here’s the list of the Summer Olympics 2024 locations other than Paris. Check out the Paris 2024 Schedule for what to see and when in each of the Paris 2024 venues.

Summer Olympics 2024 Locations (Other than Paris)


Harbor Nice

The capital of the French Riviera, Nice is located on the southeastern coast of France, not far from the French-Italian border. The city’s location is undeniably exquisite, with the shores of the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Alps on the other, and it is an ideal base for exploring other beautiful places in the French Riviera on day trips

A favorite destination for the rich and the famous, Nice is a busy and bustling city that boasts a chic and lively atmosphere filled to the brim with art, culture, and loads to see and do. The local food is delicious, and the weather is notoriously amazing, making for gorgeous, sunny days and beautiful views.

Nice is going to host a few Olympic football competitions at the Stade de Nice, so this is definitely a city to add to your list! If you want to combine sightseeing with Olympic fun, here are the best hotels in Nice for your stay.


Marseille - France

Boasting a rich and long history, Marseille is the oldest city in France and the country’s most important harbor. Located on the Southern coast of France, Marseille is also the capital of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and an excellent place to start your explorations in Provence.

Marseille is a city to “live” rather than “visit.” The Vieux Port is Marseille’s beating heart, always full of life where locals and tourists mingle and everything is possible. Visitors can also enjoy the beach, excellent Provençal cuisine, historic neighborhoods, and all the world-famous calanques of Marseille-Cassis nearby.

Marseille will be the first French city to welcome the Olympic Torch in its harbor on 8 May 2024. The city will also host various Olympic football competitions at the Stade Vélodrome and sailing competitions at the Marine de Marseille. If you want to combine sightseeing with sports, here are the best Marseille hotels for your stay.


Lyon - France

Lyon is the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and the third largest city in France. The city is located where the Saône and the Rhône Rivers meet, about 400 kilometers southeast of Paris and northwest of the French Alps.

Lyon’s history goes back to Roman times, and it is home to many historical sites, fascinating museums, the unique traboules, and a wonderful multicultural atmosphere. Lyon is also known as the Gastronomical Capital of France, famous for its wines and and, its incredible food scene.

Lyon is scheduled to host a few football competitions in the Stade de Lyon during the 2024 Summer Olympics! If you want to visit the city in addition to some great football matches, here are the best Lyon hotels for your visit.


Saint-Etienne - France

The lesser-known city of Saint-Etienne is also found in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region about 30 kilometers southwest of Lyon.

Saint-Etienne boasts a rich and interesting mining and industrial history. The city is slightly off the beaten track when it comes to French tourist destinations, but you’re sure to be blown away by Saint-Etienne’s fascinating architecture and its history preserved in several incredible museums.

These days, however, Saint-Etienne is mostly known for its famous football club, the Saint-Etienne, which always does very well in the French football league. It’s no surprise that the city will be hosting some football competitions at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard during the 2024 Summer Olympics.

If you want to visit the city before or after a football match, here’s how to get to Saint-Etienne from Paris and the other Olympic cities and where to stay in Saint-Etienne.


Lille - Hauts-de-France

Found near the French-Belgian border, Lille is the capital of the Hauts-de-France region, a lively and bustling university city with a distinct Flemish influence. Located by the Deûle River, Lille is only about 220 kilometers from the French capital.

These days, Lille is a super trendy and vibrant city to visit, with countless museums and art galleries just waiting to be explored, and a very unique cuisine. The city is also a major art hub in France – in fact, the Palais Des Beaux Arts is home to the second largest art collection after the Louvre in Paris!

During the 2024 Olympic Games, Lille will host the handball and basketball competitions at Stade Pierre Mauroy. If you want to combine a game or two with some sightseeing, here are the best hotels in Lille for your stay.

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Bordeaux - France

Known by many as one of the wine capitals of the world, Bordeaux is located in the Southwestern part of France, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. A port city found on the shores of the Garonne River, Bordeaux has been a bustling town as far back as Roman times.

Visiting Bordeaux is an absolute must for wine lovers. But in addition to wine, the city is also known for its beautiful 17th-century architecture, mainly in classical and neoclassical style, awesome local food, and beautiful urban spaces. The city is also a great base for exploring the region on Bordeaux day trips: wine regions, beaches, lovely towns, and more.

If you visit Bordeaux during the Summer Olympics 2024, you’ll even be able to see a few Olympic football games at Stade de Bordeaux. Start preparing your trip by booking your accommodation in Bordeaux right now.


Nantes - Pays de La Loire

About 50 kilometers from the Atlantic coast, Nantes is one of France’s lesser-known large cities on this list. The historical capital of Bretagne, today part of the Pays-de-la-Loire region, Nantes is located on the banks of the River Loire and is well known for its historical monuments, gorgeous greenery, and wide, open spaces.

Nantes is also fairly close to the beach, so it’s a great base if you’re planning on doing a seaside road trip!

The city is bound to become better known soon, however, as it’ll be the destination of many important football matches during the French Olympics at Stade de la Beaujoire. If you want to combine football with sightseeing, here’s the list of the best hotels in Nantes for your trip.

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Château Raoul - Châteauroux

One of the lesser-known Olympics 2024 locations Châteauroux is a small city in the region of Centre-Val de Loire, not far from some of the most famous Castles of the Loire Valley.

Usually overlooked by tourists, Châteauroux is a gorgeous small city that boasts two castles within its limits, many beautiful buildings tracing back to different periods, and an extensive surface of parks and gardens.

For the Summer Olympic Games 2024, Châteauroux will host shooting competitions at the Centre National de Tir de Châteauroux, so it will be a great opportunity to discover this hidden gem not far from the Loire Valley.

Teahupo’o (Tahiti)

Papeete - Tahiti

Stepping away from the French mainland, Teahupo’o is a town (or village) in Tahiti, the capital of the French Polynesian Islands.

Teahupo’o is a major international surfing destination, home to the world’s most famous wave. While the European summer is not the best season for surfing on the western coast of France, it is the perfect time for surfing in Tahiti, so, this is where the 2024 Olympic surfing will be hosted.

So, why visit Teahupo’o and Tahiti? Tahiti is known for its awesome scenery, romantic resorts, and all the adventure sports you can imagine. During your visit for the Summer Olympics, you can also learn a bit about the fascinating Polynesian culture or check out the region’s local food.

Start preparing your Polynesian trip by booking your flights to Tahiti and your accommodation in Tahiti right now.

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