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How to Get to Bordeaux (Bordeaux Transportation Guide)


Article written by Elisa - Travel Writer & Local in France
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Visit Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a port city in southwestern France and the main hub of the famous wine region. Bordeaux is synonymous with wine, so much so that the city even has a museum dedicated entirely to wine.

However, Bordeaux is much more than just a city named after a famous wine. It’s a wonderful place to discover beautiful architecture and French heritage and a fantastic location to go on several amazing day trips. Head out for the day to some of France’s most famous vineyards or to Europe’s largest sand dune (Dune du Pilat).

What is more, the city will host some football matches at the Summer Olympics 2024 and some rugby matches at the Rugby World Cup France 2023. If you want to visit Bordeaux during your next trip to France, this is your Bordeaux transportation guide to learn how to get to Bordeaux from Paris, other Olympic cities in France, and abroad.  

Bordeaux Train Station

How to Get to Bordeaux from Abroad

1. Direct Flights to Bordeaux – Bordeaux By Plane

Bordeaux-Mérignac (BOD) is the closest airport to Bordeaux, and it is located around 8 km from the city centre. Bordeaux-Mérignac receives seasonal flights to a variety of European countries as well as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and Canada (Montréal) – Click here to buy your flight tickets to Bordeaux

When arriving at Bordeaux-Mérignac, it’s very easy to reach the city centre. You can take a direct shuttle bus straight to Bordeaux’s Saint-Jean train station as well as the city centre. For more information about travelling from the airport to Bordeaux, check out this link.

You might be traveling to Bordeaux with a big group or have lots of luggage. It’s super convenient to take this private transfer with Welcome Pickups from the airport to your destination.

2. Trains to Bordeaux – Bordeaux By Train

Bordeaux’s main train station is Bordeaux-Saint-Jean. As well as connecting Bordeaux with the rest of France, you can also take the train to Bordeaux from other European countries.

London to Bordeaux by train is less than 7 hours (with 2 changes). If you are coming from Spain, you can reach Bordeaux in less than 8 hours with only one change (sometimes there are direct trains).

Travel from Germany (Berlin), and you can reach Bordeaux in under 6 hours and from Switzerland (Zurich) in less than 8 hours – Click here to buy your train tickets to Bordeaux

3. Buses to Bordeaux – Bordeaux By Bus

Catching the train to Bordeaux is hassle-free compared to the bus. This being said, if you are on a budget, then taking the bus is a good option.

Many of the buses to Bordeaux arrive at Bordeaux Saint Jean or Bordeaux Gare SNCF bus stations. From Barcelona, you can reach Bordeaux in just over 9 hours with no changes. From London, you can get to Bordeaux (with a change in Paris) in around 18 hours 30 minutes to 20 hours, depending on the bus.

Taking the bus to Bordeaux is also handy for those travelling from certain parts of Europe that are not serviced by a direct train or require multiple changes – Click here to buy your bus tickets to Bordeaux

How to Get from Paris to Bordeaux

How to get from Paris to Bordeaux? Travelling from Paris to Bordeaux is a popular route for tourists and lucky for you it’s a really simple and quick journey. Many visiting France will want to see the sites of Paris as well as the nation’s most famous wine region.

It’s a great trip to take for a weekend getaway from Paris or as part of a wider French adventure. If you are visiting during the 2024 Summer Olympics, you might want to see multiple Olympic events held in both cities.

1. Bordeaux from Paris By Plane

It’s possible to fly from Paris to Bordeaux though it’s not the most recommended transportation method. Not only is it not good for the environment, but it is also a bit of a hassle to check in and reach the airport when you could just take the train. If you count the time to travel to the airport from the city, check-in and baggage pickup and security controls, it is much faster to travel by train.

That said, there are around 12 flights a day departing from Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and arriving at Bordeaux-Mérignac (BOD). Direct flights are around 1 hour 20 minutes, and the main operating airlines are Air France, Lufthansa and Swiss Air – Click here to buy your flight tickets from Paris to Bordeaux

2. Paris to Bordeaux By Train

The train is the best way to get from Paris to Bordeaux. Trains between the two cities are direct, fast and affordable. Taking the train from Paris to Bordeaux is a great way to be efficient with your travel arrangements whilst still travelling in comfort. In no time, you can start your weekend getaway in Bordeaux.

There are plenty of trains to choose from, around 25 per day. Trains depart from Paris’ Gare Montparnasse station and arrive at Bordeaux-Saint-Jean. Though train times vary, most are direct with zero changes, and the travel time is only around two to three hours. Trains between Paris and Bordeaux are operated by TGV INOUI – Click here to buy your train tickets from Paris to Bordeaux

TIP: Do you have a free day in Paris and want to visit Bordeaux? Check out this day trip itinerary from Paris to Bordeaux by train

3. Bordeaux from Paris By Bus

While taking the bus isn’t anywhere near as comfortable and fast as taking the train, it’s good for those travellers trying to save money. Flixbus is the best option to find the right bus for your schedule.

Around 15 buses a day leave from Paris Bercy Seine and arrive at Bordeaux Saint-Jean bus station. The journey takes around seven hours, depending on which bus you take – Click here to buy your bus tickets from Paris to Bordeaux

How to Travel to Bordeaux from Other Olympic Cities

During the 2024 Summer Olympics, a number of French cities will host some competitions, and it might be that you want to attend a few of these events in different cities. Head from Bordeaux to Lyon and then to Paris or somewhere else for more events.

The train is the best way to travel from Bordeaux to the other Paris Olympic cities. Significant time differences between the two cities are due to the type of train (TGV-high-speed trains vs. TER-regional trains).

1 change in Paris
5 to 6 hours
4 to 5 hours
Nantes Travel Hub
6 hours
1 change in Paris
5 hrs 30 min to 7 hrs
Saint-Etienne Travel Hub
1 change in Marseille
9 hrs to 9 hrs 30 min
1 change in Paris
4 hrs 30 min to 5 hrs
Lille Travel Hub

With more time available, you can consider this ultimate French road trip which covers all the French Olympic Cities (well, except Tahiti! ;-)). If you don’t have a car in France, you can rent one in Lyon with Check out our best tips for renting a car in France.

So there you have it, the Bordeaux transportation guide with everything you need to know about getting to Bordeaux from Paris, France, or abroad smoothly.

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