About France Bucket List

Awesome Sights & Unique Experiences in France



After 2 years blogging about Paris and its surroundings, in World in Paris we want to enlarge our horizons and extend our travel explorations to the whole country. That’s why in June 2018 we started France Bucket List, where we want to talk about awesome sights and experiences in France.

France Bucket List is a list with bits of France, rather than a French destinations guide. You will find our favorite spots, unusual attractions or gorgeous hotels for a memorable trip to France.

» All the places on this list can be visited during weekend getaways or short holidays. Enjoy the most exciting destinations in France in your limited time off.

» Our starting point is always the city of Paris, where we live. Are you traveling to Paris? Block 2 or 3 days on your Paris itinerary and add a couple of these places on your wishlist.

» As good Parisians, we don’t have our own car so for our visits, we are going to give preference to public transportation when possible. However, you will always find all the information to travel also by plane or car.

Our France Bucket List is a very dynamic list, where we expect to crosscheck many items soon but we also want to add new ones. Follow us on this unique French trip of a lifetime!

What’s on your France Bucket List?