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How to Get to Nantes (Nantes Transportation Guide)


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Visit Nantes, France

Nantes is the capital of the Pays de la Loire region in Western France and one of the most beautiful French cities to visit. The city makes for a fantastic getaway in France, and it is an excellent base for exploring some of the Castles of the Loire Valley or the Atlantic coast.

Nantes is a mix of interesting landmarks, many of which have great historical importance. Nantes is a lively city whilst still offering that hidden-gem feel that makes many people fall in love with the place.

If Nantes wasn’t exciting enough already, the city will host some football matches at the Summer Olympics 2024. If you want to visit Nantes during your next trip to France, this is your Nantes transportation guide to learn how to get to Nantes from Paris, other Olympic cities in France, and abroad.  

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How to Get to Nantes from Abroad

1. Direct Flights to Nantes – Nantes By Plane

Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE) is well connected to the city center, just 15km away. It is possible to fly to Nantes from several European destinations throughout the year. Some of these destinations include Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), Zurich (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark), London (UK) and more – Click here to buy your flight tickets to Nantes

There are also seasonal international flights from places like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Turkey, as well as Montréal in Canada.

For more information about getting to Nantes city center from the Airport, click here. If you are arriving in Nantes with lots of luggage or in large groups, check out these transfers.

2. Trains to Nantes – Nantes By Train

Nantes’ train station is called Gare de Nantes, and it’s just a short walk from the Madeleine-Champ de Mars area of Nantes.

From neighboring countries, most trains to Nantes require one or two changes before reaching Nantes. TGV inOui operates trains to Nantes that travel through Chessy from Brussels, Belgium taking around 6.5 hours. From Zurich, Switzerland, you can reach Nantes in 7.5 hours, passing through Paris Gare de Lyon with TGV Lyria. You can even reach Nantes from London in 5.5 hours, again with TGV inOui with one change in Paris Gare du Nord.

If this is your first time traveling around France by train, check out our quick guide to train travel in France to get familiar with the different train options – Click here to buy your train tickets to Nantes

3. Buses to Nantes – Nantes By Bus

For those destinations that aren’t well serviced by train or for travelers on a budget, then you can get the bus to and from Nantes. The main bus stop in the area is Route de Paris, also known as Haluchere. This bus stop is conveniently located opposite Stade de la Beaujoire, which will host some of the football matches during the Olympics 2024.

Bus companies like BlaBlaCar and Flix Bus operate in Nantes. From Milan, the quickest bus is 17.5 hours with one change at Bercy Seine in Paris. From Brussels, it’s 10.5 hours with one change, and from London, you can be in Nantes in under 18 hours with a transfer at Bercy Seine – Click here to buy your bus tickets to Nantes

How to Get to Nantes from Paris

Traveling from Paris to Nantes is quick and easy, making it a great weekend getaway from Paris (check out this Nantes itinerary for two days).

If you want to visit France in 2024 for the Summer Olympics, consider visiting Nantes for some of the preliminary football matches and then traveling from Nantes to Paris for the finals of football or other competitions.

In any case, here’s how to get to Nantes from Paris:

1. Flights from Paris to Nantes

A Paris to Nantes flight is possible, but it’s not an eco-friendly option, and the time taken at the airport greatly extends your travel time. In other words: it is faster to travel from Paris to Nantes by train than by plane.

2. Paris – Nantes TGV Train

The best way to travel from Paris to Nantes is by train because it’s fast and direct. On average, there are 18 trains a day departing from Gare Montparnasse and arriving at Gare de Nantes. The Paris – Nantes TGV train takes just over two hours.

The main companies operating trains from Paris to Nantes are TGV inOui and SNCF. As it’s so quick and affordable it’s the perfect way to travel to Nantes – Click here to buy your train tickets from Paris to Nantes

3. Bus from Paris to Nantes

Getting from Paris to Nantes by bus is possible, but when comparing the cost and duration, taking the train really is a no-brainer.

That being said, many buses travel from Paris to Nantes each day with both BlaBlaCar and Flixbus.

There are around 30 buses a day departing from various locations and arriving at Route de Paris in Nantes. Buses leave from many locations like Paris-Orly Airport, Bercy Seine, Roissypole bus station, and Massy-Palaiseau. The quickest bus to Nantes takes 4 hours 50 minutes, and the longest takes just over 7 hours – Click here to buy your bus tickets from Paris to Nantes

How to Travel from Nantes to Other Olympic Cities

Though the 2024 Summer Olympics will be based in Paris, there will be other cities in France that help to host certain events. The football Olympic events, for example, will be hosted across six stadiums in Bordeaux, Nantes, Saint-Etienne, Nice, Marseille, and Lyon.

It might be that you want to attend multiple competitions in different cities. Check out the information below on the best way to travel from Nantes to these French Olympic cities.

The train is the best way to travel from Nantes to the other Olympic cities. Significant time differences between the two cities are due to the type of train (TGV-high-speed trains vs. TER-regional trains).

4 hrs 15 min
6 hrs 30 min
1 transfer in Paris
6 hrs 10 min to 8 hrs
1 transfer in Paris or in Lyon
6 to 8 hrs
Saint-Etienne Travel Hub
1 transfer in Paris
9 to 11 hrs
4 hrs 15 min
Lille Travel Hub

With more time available, you can consider this ultimate French road trip which covers all the French Olympic Cities (well, except Tahiti! ;-)). If you don’t have a car in France, you can rent one in Nantes with Check out our best tips for renting a car in France.

So there you have it, the Nantes transportation guide with everything you need to know to visit Nantes from Paris, France, or abroad smoothly.

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