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2 Days in Lyon – Itinerary and Tips


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What to Do in Lyon for 2 Days?

2 days in Lyon itinerary. What to see in Lyon in 2 days.

Lyon is the capital of the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, set between the Saône and Rhône Rivers. The Gauls’ ancient capital and later the capital of silk and printing works, Lyon is one of the most beautiful French cities to visit and one of the most attractive European cities for a weekend getaway.

Lyon is history and also the city of painted walls, bouchons, and pretty cafés. Over the last few years, the city has re-conquered its Saône River banks, now car-free, and a stroll along the River followed by a visit to Parc de la Tête d’Or is one of the musts of any Lyon itinerary.

Lyon - France

Overall, Lyon is an excellent city for a cultural and gastronomic weekend the food scene in Lyon is famous worldwide! We recommend spending at least 2 days in Lyon, a reasonable amount of time to cover most of the best things to do in Lyon, and for a couple of leisure strolls. With more time, there are many interesting day trips from Lyon of all kinds (more on this at the end of the post).

So, what to do in Lyon for 2 days? Here’s the ultimate Lyon itinerary for a perfect weekend in Lyon.

HOW MANY DAYS IN LYON? Two days in Lyon are enough to visit the city’s main sights. However, Lyon is an excellent base camp to explore other places around on day trips, with accommodation options to suit all budgets. Spend 3 days in Lyon or more to visit the best places near Lyon on day tours.

Weekend in Lyon: Where to Stay?

Wondering where to stay in Lyon? For your Lyon 2-day itinerary, we recommend staying central, close to the main sights.

Villa Florentine is a former convent located in the heart of Old Lyon. This unique hotel offers elegant guest rooms and fabulous panoramic city views. Don’t miss the rooftop pool!

Hotel Le Lumière is an excellent hotel for people traveling on a budget. It is located near the metro station Sans Souci, which offers direct connections to the historical center of Lyon. The rooms are simply decorated, and they all come with a private bathroom and Wi-Fi access. 

MiHotel Sala is a beautiful hotel with an excellent location near Place Bellecour. The rooms are beautifully decorated, very clean, and comfortable.

Intercontinental Lyon Hôtel Dieu. This first-class hotel is set in the former (and historic building) Hôtel Dieu, and it has a restaurant, fitness center, bar, and garden. The rooms are large and beautifully decorated, with comfortable beds, and the River’s views are amazing. 

Check out all our favorite hotels in Lyon

How to Visit Lyon in 2 Days – A Detailed Lyon Itinerary

Lyon - France

What to do in Lyon for 2 days? For this Lyon 2-day itinerary, we recommend arriving on Friday night, so you have two full days to visit Lyon.

TIP: The Lyon City Pass is valid for 1-4 days and includes access to the city’s main museums, public transportation tickets, a cruise along the Saône River, and many discounts on shopping and theaters.

Two Days in Lyon Itinerary: Day One

1. Learn about Lugdunum

This Lyon, France, itinerary starts traveling back in time at the Lugdunum – Musée et Théatres Romains. This superb underground museum describes life in Lugdunum, one of Gaul’s most important Roman cities during the first centuries AD.

If you are interested in Lyon’s Gaul and Roman history, you can visit the area with this audio-guided walking tour at your own pace.

To complete the visit, admire the spectacular remains of the Roman Grand Theater and Odéon, next to the museum, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

2. Walk up to the Basilique of Notre Dame de Fourvière

From the Lugdunum, walk rue Roger Radisson up to the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière for one of Lyon’s top sights and one of the city’s best views.

Built on the top of the hill with the same name, Notre Dame de Fourvière has watched over the Lyonnais since the second half of the 20th century. Because many religious communities settled around the Basilica, the Fourvière Hill is nicknamed “the Praying Hill.”

Lyon - France

Like the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, Notre Dame de Fourvière was built with private funds and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. According to locals, She pushed away a Cholera epidemic in 1832 and prevented the Prussian invasion in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War.

Designed by Pierre Bossan, Fourvière Basilica draws from Romanesque and Byzantine architecture, two non-Gothic models that were unusual choices at the time.

After a quick tour around the basilica, you will realize that not everything was sculpted or decorated due to a lack of funds. But it is an interesting building to explore, with its underground passages, tribunes, secret spaces, and crypt.

Finally, admire the view from the Basilica’s esplanade. When the weather is good, you can see the Mont Blanc in the French Alps!

GOOD TO KNOW: Not far from the Basilica, there’s a replica of the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was commissioned by the owners of a restaurant on this site, who wanted to attract guests during the World Exhibition of Lyon in 1894. The Exhibition was concentrated around the Parc de la Tête d’Or, which is far from Fourvière Hill; the Eiffel Tower was the only way to make visitors travel uphill to their restaurant!

4. Visit Saint-Jean Cathedral

This Lyon in two days itinerary heads now to Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon). From Fourvière, you can take the funicular to Vieux Lyon – Cathédrale Saint-Jean station or walk down through Parc des Hauteurs. This 2,5 Ha garden, with 1,400m of paths between Fourvière and Saint-Jean, has a design based on the abandoned private gardens that initially occupied this place.

Saint-Jean Baptiste Cathedral is Lyon’s beating heart. The Cathedral’s construction took three centuries to finish, from 1175 to 1490, and the building is a beautiful blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

Visit the Cathedral inside and admire its 16th-century astronomical clock and the beautiful stained-glass windows from the beginning of the 12th century.

TIP: This Lyon free walking tour visits Old Lyon and Saint Jean Cathedral.

5. Get Lost in Vieux Lyon

This Lyon 2-day itinerary continues with a stroll around Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) along the Saône River’s right bank. This area is home to the largest Renaissance area in Europe after Venice, with pretty craft shops, restaurants, and bars.

Vieux Lyon is also home to superb mansions – most of them listed as Historical Monuments –, old signs, and traboules. The traboules are Lyon’s unique private passages that allow the connection of two streets through pretty courtyards. The most beautiful traboules are concentrated between the churches of Saint-Georges and Saint-Paul, which we also recommend visiting.

Another fun way to explore Vieux Lyon is through a food tour. Discover some of the secret passageways while sampling the foods of Vieux Lyon. This 4-hour food-tasting tour, for example, always has the best ratings.

Traboules of Lyon
one of Lyon’s traboules in Vieux Lyon

2 Days in Lyon Itinerary: Day Two

Day two of this Lyon itinerary starts in Lyon’s Presqu’ile, between the Rivers Saône and Rhône. If the weather is good, this is an excellent place for a stroll.

6. Place Bellecour

Place Bellecour is the third largest square in France (67,120 m2) and the city’s central point. Here, you will find the Km 0 of all the routes in the region.

In 1658, King Louis XIV obtained for the city the final possession of the square – in private hands until then – and ordered the erection of a statue representing him. Considering that the King only visited Lyon once, the statue was a good way for locals to remember the King of France!

The facades bordering the square were rebuilt between 1807 and 1813, and they are all listed as Historical Monuments. From here, you have a beautiful view of Fourvière Hill and the basilica.

Place Bellecour is one of the main sights hosting Lyon’s Light Festival, one of France’s best Christmas events! Because of this festival and more, we voted Lyon as one of the best places to visit in France in winter.

7. Place des Terreaux

From Place Bellecour, walk north to Place des Terreaux, another elegant square in Lyon. Here, you can see the Hôtel de Ville, the Opera Theater, and visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

On the north side of this square, there’s a beautiful fountain by Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor who designed the Liberty Statue.

8. La Croix Rousse and its Colored Walls

La Croix Rousse was the neighborhood where the canuts (the silk workers) lived. Since the 19th century, this is “the Working Hill,” in opposition to Fourvière’s “Praying Hill.” Today, La Croix Rousse is a trendy bohemian neighborhood and a great place for a stroll.

Thanks to La Croix Rousse’s 30,000 canuts or so, Lyon became a major hub for textiles in Europe. You can learn more about this trade so important for Lyon at the Maison des Canuts (10 Rue d’Ivry, Lyon), with three exhibition rooms and a workshop, or at Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs (34 Rue de la Charité, Lyon) located south of Place Bellecour.

La Croix Rousse

Get lost in this interesting neighborhood, with many buildings specially built to house the weaving looms amid a maze of traboules and stairwells. Don’t miss the painted walls (street art is another Lyon specialty) like the Fresque des Canuts or the one at Cour des Voraces.

9. Afternoon at Parc de la Tête d’Or

A stroll around this park is one of the best things to do in Lyon. The Parc de la Tete d’Or is the largest urban park in France and an excellent place for a relaxing afternoon.

The park includes dozens of trails for walking, jogging, bicycling, and numerous attractions for all the family.

Spend 3 Days in Lyon (if you can…)

If you visit Lyon in 2 days, you will get a good overview of the city and its main sights. If you can make your weekend in Lyon longer, then use your extra day to visit something else.

There are lovely places around Lyon, easy to reach with your car, by train, or with a guided tour. Check out this list of the best day trips from Lyon with proposals for all kinds of travelers.

During your 3 days in Lyon, you can also consider a day tour to visit the Beaujolais wine region or the world-famous Côte du Rhône wine region. If you have a car, check out this list of wineries around Lyon that propose wine tours and tastings (in French and English) for individual travelers.

If you prefer to spend one more day in Lyon, that’s fine too! Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all the interesting museums in our list of what to see in Lyon, France, in 2 days. With one extra day in the city, you can add one or two more museums to your Lyon itinerary.

  • MAM – Musée des Arts de la Marionette (1 Place du Petit Collège, in Lyon 6)
  • Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs (34 rue de la Charité, in Lyon 2), which was suggested as an option in our 2 days in Lyon itinerary
  • Institut Lumière (Rue du Premier Film, in Lyon 8)
  • La Maison des Canuts (10 Rue d’Ivry, in Lyon 4), which was suggested as an option in our Lyon 2-day itinerary
  • Centre d’Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation (14 Avenue Berthelot, in Lyon 7)
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon (20 Place des Terraux, in Lyon 1).

Practical Information for Your 2 Days in Lyon Itinerary

How to Travel to Lyon

BY PLANE: Airport Lyon-Saint-Exupéry (LYS) is one of the main international airports in France, and it covers many international destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and America via regular or seasonal flights Click here for flight schedules and prices. The Airport Lyon-Saint-Exupéry is located 25 km east of the city. To get to Lyon from the airport, book your transfer here.

BY TRAIN: Lyon’s main station is Lyon Part Dieu, and it is well connected to most of the main cities in France. Count on it taking 2 hours from Paris, 1 hr 50 min from Marseille, 3 hrs from Lille, and 4 hrs from Strasbourg Click here for schedules and prices.

Don’t forget your travel insurance!

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Two Days in Lyon: Where to Eat?

Bouchon Lyonnais

In Lyon, locals say the city is watered by three rivers: Saône, Rhône, and Beaujolais! Therefore, you don’t need to walk much in Vieux Lyon to find a cool bar for a couple of glasses of Beaujolais wine.

You may want to try a bouchon, Lyon’s typical restaurant serving traditional Lyon dishes in a popular atmosphere. You will find typical Lyon food and dishes like sausages, salade lyonnaise, quenelles, duck pâté, or roast pork. There are many bouchons Lyonnais north of Place Saint-Jean, along rue Saint-Jean; it will be hard to pick just one!

If you don’t know what to eat in the capital of French Gastronomy, here’s the ultimate Lyon food guide.

LES LYONNAIS BOUCHON: This is a good restaurant in the heart of the Old Town (1, Rue Tramassac, Lyon). Get a taste of Lyon’s culinary specialties in the typical atmosphere of bouchons.

VICTOIRE ET THOMAS: Located in the Presqu’Ile (27, rue de l’Arbre Sec), this is a good restaurant offering delicious and inventive cuisine made only with local, seasonal produce.

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