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Introducing Lyon, France

All about Lyon travel: how to travel to Lyon, where to stay, the best things to do in the city, and the best places to visit near Lyon on day trips.

Where is Lyon, France? What is Lyon famous for? Lyon is located in Eastern France and, more precisely, in the Rhône-Alpes. Lyon is the capital city of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and one of the most beautiful French cities to visit.

Set between the rivers Saône and Rhône, the Gauls’ ancient capital is today one of the most attractive European cities from a cultural and gastronomic point of view.

Lyon is an excellent city for a cultural weekend and also for a gastronomic weekend. With more time available, there are lovely places to visit around Lyon on day trips.

Lyon is one of the host cities of the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the Summer Olympics 2024, so it’s the perfect excuse to discover or re-discover the city.

Is Lyon in Provence? Nope, Lyon never belonged to the historical region of Provence, but you won’t be far from it. Lyon is 300 km north of Marseille, the capital of Provence, and 470 northwest of Nice, another must-city in the region.

Lyon - France

Lyon France in a Nutshell

Population: 513,275 (2015)

Department: Rhône

Region: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, South-East France

Average temperatures (max /min): January – 6,4 C /0,3 C; April – 16,3 C / 6,3 C; July – 27,7 C / 16,6 C; October – 17,7 C / 9,3 C.

Main attractions: Vieux Lyon, Notre Dame de Fourbière, Musée des Confluences, Parc de la Tête d’Or.

Lyon Main Train Stations: Gare Lyon Part-Dieu and Gare Lyon Perrache. Find the latest deals on train tickets

Lyon Airport: Lyon-Saint-Exupéry (LYS). Find the latest deals on flight tickets

Check out how to get to Lyon from Paris, France, and abroad

What to Do in Lyon, France

Lyon is a history and food lovers paradise. Admire her famous museums and galleries, Vieux Lyon’s hidden traboules, or simply wander the streets, and you’ll be in awe of the city’s historic beauty.

Don’t miss the Traboules, Lyon’s hidden gems unique to this beautiful city. The Traboules of Lyon are best explored on an Old Lyon guided tour. In winter, Lyon becomes more festive than ever during the Fête des Lumières – Lyon’s Festival of Lights around the 8 of December.

Lyon, France’s Gastronomic Capital

Bouchon Lyonnais

Everybody in France knows it: Lyon is France’s gastronomic capital! Food in Lyon is taken to another level, and for locals, eating well is not a pleasure but a way of life. Lyon is the city with more restaurants per head in France and Europe, so if you are a foodie, Lyon is the place to go.

When visiting the city, a meal in a bouchon Lyonnais (local eateries in Lyon serving traditional food) is a must. A Lyon food tour with a local guide is a great culinary introduction to the city and an excellent way to learn about Lyon’s local specialties.

If you are a wine passionate, you will love Lyon. As the Beaujolais and Rhone Valley vineyards are located close to Lyon, you must spend some time in a winery to meet local winemakers.

If you don’t have a car, take this Beaujolais wine tour with tastings or explore the prestigious Côte Rotie vineyards with this Rhône Valley wine tour with tastings. With a car, you have more options to choose from. Pick your favorite one from this list of wineries open to the public for wine tastings (with or without a tour) and wine shopping.

Lyon Food & Wine Tours and Articles

Wineries in the Beaujolais

Wineries in Côte Rotie (Rhône Valley)

Wineries in the Condrieu Wine Area (Rhône Valley)

Wineries in the Crozes-Hermitage Wine Area (Rhône Valley)

TIP: Read about the best wine regions in France (article with a wine map!)

Lyon & the Summer Olympics 2024

Lyon will be one of the host cities of the Paris Summer Olympics 2024. More precisely, Lyon will host some of the football matches at the OL Stadium.

Here are the dates of the football matches in Lyon – OL Stadium for the Summer Olympics 2024. For all the Summer Olympics dates and competitions, check out the Paris 2024 schedule.

  • Wednesday 24 July 2024, 7 pm (men)
  • Thursday 25 July 2024, 9 pm (women)
  • Saturday 27 July 2024, 3 pm (men)
  • Sunday 28 July 2024, 5 pm (women)
  • Tuesday 30 July 2024, 5 pm (men)
  • Wednesday 31 July 2024, 9 pm (women)
  • Friday 2 August 2024, 7 pm (men)
  • Saturday 3 August 2024, 5 pm (women)
  • Monday 5 August 2024, 9 pm (men)
  • Tuesday 6 August 2024, 6 pm (women)
  • Friday 9 August 2024, 3 pm (women, third position)

The teams that will play these matches are not known yet; keep clicking for the latest updates!

Where to Stay in Lyon

The third-largest city by population and second-largest urban area in France, Lyon is a historical, industrial, and cultural city with national and international influence. Staying in the districts of Lyon, spread over nine districts, some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is to discover more than 2,000 years of history.

A Great Stop on Your French Road Trip

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