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France Road Trip Planner (+12 French Road Trip Ideas)


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Driving in France

France is one of the most varied countries in Europe with many things to see, do, and taste. Taking a road trip in France is just about one of the coolest things you can ever do. With a car, some good tunes, and the best company, you are set for one of the most memorable adventures in your life.

Road Trips France

Driving in France has provided us with so many great travel experiences. We love the opportunity to go off the main routes and explore those quiet rural villages, off the beaten path châteaux, or secluded lakes that you can’t reach by public transport.

A self-drive holiday in France gives us the freedom to explore the best of France at our own pace – with our car, we’re not restricted to set timetables so if we like a place, we can stay longer! –and you can enjoy this freedom, too.

How do we say ‘Road Trip’ in French?Road Trip, ‘Une Virée’ (en voiture), or ‘Voyage en Voiture‘.

France Road Trip Planner

In a country like France, there are many, many routes you could take. All will take you to amazing places and give you a chance to experience France at its best, on the open road, through quaint villages and vibrant cities.

But that’s the problem…  

Researching how to spend your time in a country with so many incredible places to explore quickly leads to information overload.

It’s hard enough to decide where to go and what to see, but what about where to stay (to suit your budget), and where to eat. Don’t forget that you’ll also want to make the best use of your time.

All of this quickly turns the process of planning an enjoyable French road trip into another time-consuming chore.

Let us Help YOU with our France Road Trip Planner

Introducing the e-Book: France by Car – 12 French Road Trip Ideas

This e-book France by Car – 12 French Road Trip Ideas was written for one purpose – to help you explore the best of France by car with the least amount of effort.

Get inspired and get ready for a memorable road trip in France. We’ve pulled together a comprehensive France road trip planner with fun road trip ideas, from the wild Atlantic Coast to the pristine lakes in the Alps and the sunny villages in Provence.

Once that we’ve overviewed the basics of driving in France, we’ll take you through all the regions in mainland France, and for each region, we recommend a great road trip to make the most of your time.

We break down each of the France road trip ideas into a simple itinerary that covers the best of each region. And then we give you suggestions on how to extend (or shorten) your stay!

In just a couple of pages for each French road trip, we clearly list attractions and an easy to follow itinerary. You’ll know exactly how to spend each day!.

And that’s not all!

We’ve tried, tested, and tasted each step of these routes. So we’ll also share our advice and recommendations for the best cuisine and places to eat along the way.

There’s more!

Whatever your budget we have accommodation recommendations for you. Our hotels, bed & breakfasts, and stunning châteaux have been selected to give you regional flavor, an excellent night’s sleep, and the BEST locations on your road trip.

And, so you never get lost.

Our specially designed maps are both printed and available to be downloaded to your mobile device, so you’ll always know where you are and where you’re going!

Our France road trip planner helps you to enjoy France’s can’t-miss stops, taste the best local flavors, and stay in hotels as memorable as your sightseeing. It’s all here!

France by Car – 12 French Road Trip Ideas features:

  • A comprehensive guide to driving in France
  • A quick guide to the regions of France to understand the differences and quickly find the must-sees of each French region
  • Fun road trip ideas in France: 12 different French road trips covering all the regions in mainland France to gear you up for any adventure, from a weekend getaway to a cross-country trip.
  • Expert advice from seasoned France road-trippers
  • Daily itineraries to take away the stress of planning along with all of France’s can’t-miss stops, and our recommendation on things to do.
  • The best places to dine to experience the REAL France
  • From cozy bed & breakfasts to stunning chateaus you’ll find the best places to stay to suit your budget.
  • Easy-to-use maps, printed, and KMZ files to import into your phone and check them out en route.
  • Gorgeous, full-color photos so you can start dreaming about your next road trip in France
  • Comprehensive planning resources: useful addresses, France road trip packing list, our list of the best tours, tickets, activity, and transport bundles
  • Our recommendations on customizing your driving holiday – shorten or extend your trip with our quick and easy tips!

Get the e-book for US$25

France by Car – 12 French Road Trip Ideas includes fun road trip ideas for each region in mainland France. [Note, we don’t include the Ile-de-France, which is best explored on public transportation.] The e-book also includes a cross-country road trip from Paris to Nice in the French Riviera.

Here’s the list of chapters in the e-book:

Chapter 1 / Get the Best of France by Car

Chapter 2 / A Note on Google My Maps, KML Files and KMZ Files

Chapter 3 / Driving in France Guide

Chapter 4 / Getting the Best Rental Car Deal in France

Chapter 5 / Regions of France

Chapter 6 / French Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Road Trip 01 / Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes: Road Trip from Lyon to Annecy (the long way around)

Road Trip 02 / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté: Route des Grands Crus Road Trip

Road Trip 03 / Bretagne: Brittany Road Trip

Road Trip 04/ Centre Val de Loire: Loire Valley Road Trip

Road Trip 05 / Grand Est: Alsace Road Trip, from Mulhouse to Strasbourg

Road Trip 06 / Hauts-de-France: Road Trip Northern France, from Paris

Road Trip 07 / Normandy: Normandy WW2 Sites Road Trip

Road Trip 08 / Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Basque Country Road Trip, from Biarritz

Road Trip 09 / Occitanie: Cathar Country Road Trip, from Carcassonne

Road Trip 10 / Pays de la Loire: Pays de la Loire Road Trip, from Nantes

Road Trip 11 / Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur: Lavender Fields & Gorges du Verdon Road Trip

Road Trip 12 / The Ultimate Paris to Nice Road Trip

Spend less time planning and more time dreaming of France!

Get the e-book for US$25

(A link to download ‘France by Car – 12 French Road Trip Ideas will be emailed to you upon completion of your order.)

France by Car – 12 French Road Trip Ideas what you will get:

One beautiful full-color 40+ page PDF file with the general chapters (chapters 1 to 6);

Twelve full-color PDF files of all the France road trip ideas (one PDF file per each road trip);

Twelve KMZ files of all the maps to import into your phone (one KMZ file per each road trip).

This France road trip planner will be updated annually (information, business addresses, links, eventual newest additions), and you will be emailed the revised edition the year after your initial purchase.

Whether you’re looking to hug the coast or drive through some of the world’s best vineyards, or lavender fields, find your adventure with France by Car – 12 French Road Trip Ideas. All you need to supply is a car and a killer playlist.

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