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Article written by Elisa - Travel Writer & Local in France
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Introducing Strasbourg

Where is Strasbourg, France? What is Strasbourg famous for? Strasbourg is located in Eastern France and, more precisely, in Alsace. Strasbourg is the capital city of the Alsace and also of the Grand Est region, one of the new regions of France, composed of the former regions of Champagne-Ardenne, Alsace, and Lorraine.

Not far from the border with Germany and bisected by the rivers Rhine and Ill, Strasbourg is green, cosmopolitan, historic, and one of the most beautiful cities in France.

Strasbourg is a great city for sightseeing, for a cultural weekend, and also for a gastronomic weekend. With more time available, there are lovely places to visit around Strasbourg on day trips.

Strasbourg River Cruise

Strasbourg France in a Nutshell

Population: 287,222 (2019)

Department: Bas-Rhin

Region: Grand-Est, East of France

Average temperatures (max /min): January – -0,8 C /4,5 C; April – 5,2 C / 15,7 C; July – 14,5 C / 25,7 C; October – 7,1 C / 15,3 C.

Main attractions: Grande Ile the Strasbourg Cathedral, Petite France, European Neighborhood.

Strasbourg Train Station: Gare de Strasbourg. Find the latest deals on train tickets

Strasbourg Airport: Aéroport de Strasbourg (SXB). Find the latest deals on flight tickets

How to get from Strasbourg Airport to Strasbourg

What to Do in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a city with different faces. You will love its Gothic Cathedral and explore its museums and streets steeped in history. Your taste buds will be delighted to eat or have a drink in one of its traditional winstubs. In December, Strasbourg becomes France’s Christmas capital, hosting one of the best Christmas markets in Alsace. But Strasbourg is also a modern and European capital that hosts many institutions of the European Union.

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Where to Stay in Strasbourg

One of the top destinations in France, finding accommodation in Strasbourg will not be difficult as there’s a wide choice of places to stay for different travel styles. Whether you plan a weekend in Strasbourg or a longer trip through the Alsace Wine Route, go on reading for the nicest Strasbourg neighborhoods and the best accommodation by budget.

A Great Stop on your French Road Trip

Alsace Wine Trail

The beautiful city of Strasbourg is the starting point or one of the stops of some of our favorite French road trips. If you don’t have a car in France, click here for the best car rentals in Strasbourg and check out our best tips for renting a car in France.