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Best Day Trips from Strasbourg, France


Article written by Elisa - Travel Writer & Local in France
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The capital of the Alsace region in France, Strasbourg, is often mentioned in lists of world-class destinations in France. This is absolutely true, as the city is full of charm, history, and culture.

Strasbourg also puts together one of the best Christmas markets in France (the famous Strasbourg Chrismas Market), so it’s well worth also visiting in the colder months.

A trip to Strasbourg wouldn’t be complete without some side trips to explore Alsace’s landscape and gorgeous, tiny towns. And the best thing about Strasbourg day trips is the fact that there are so many amazing areas to choose from!

Strasbourg - View from the top

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The region of Alsace is crossed by the classic lines Paris – Strasbourg, Paris – Mulhouse, and other secondary lines to reach smaller towns. Thanks to these secondary lines, some of the day trips from Strasbourg below can be organized by train – Click here to book your train tickets


The Alsace is a great place for memorable road trips in France. From Strasbourg, visit the main cities in Alsace and then go off the beaten path to get the most out of this wonderful region.

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Hotel Cathédrale is our absolute favorite hotel in Strasbourg, with comfortable rooms and an unbeatable view of the famous cathedral. For other options, check out where to stay in Strasbourg the best neighborhoods and accommodations of all kinds.

Best Strasbourg Day Trips

Here’s a list of the best day trips from Strasbourg, France, so that you can experience all that this area has to offer.

1. Colmar

Colmar - Alsace

Colmar is a true fairytale destination, filled with flowers in the warmer months and one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Alsace in winter (the Colmar Christmas Market). And any Strasbourg to Colmar day trip is only made better by the fact that these cities are just over 70km apart and 30 minutes on the train Click here to buy your train tickets to Colmar.

Colmar is filled with cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and half-timbered houses. It has many pretty little neighborhoods, including Little Venice, where you can coast through the picturesque canals in a cute little rowboat.

If you want to see authentic Renaissance and medieval buildings, eat at charming little cafes, and sock up a culture that goes back centuries, then these are just some of the best things to do in Colmar.

2. Riquewihr

Riquewhihr - Alsace

Riquewihr is hands down one of the most beautiful Alsace villages. It’s just under 70km from Strasbourg but because it’s small, it can be difficult to get to directly. You’ll have to take a train to Colmar and then a bus to Riquewihr or take a guided tour to reach it.

Riquewihr has been one of the more popular destinations for Strasbourg day trips for years because of its wine. There are numerous wineries and vineyards within reach of the town, making it a must-stop on the Wine Route of Alsace.

This town is also incredibly well-preserved, with numerous 16th-century buildings and half-timbered houses as well as fortified walls that have lasted since medieval times. It also has some amazing museums in case you want to learn more about what you’re looking at. This includes some more macabre entries, such as the Tour des Voleurs torture museum.

3. Obernai

Obernai is one of the easier day trips from Strasbourg, France. It’s just over 25 km south of Strasbourg, and you can get there by train in just over half an hour Click here to buy your train tickets to Obernai.

Obernai is also on the Alsace Wine Route and offers wine that has been served in places of worship and imperial courts since the Middle Ages.

Even if you don’t like wine that much, Obernai is still a beautiful little city, filled with medieval architecture and a historic Market Square. It’s also surprisingly compact, making it very walkable, so you should be able to see everything this town has to offer using your own feet.

Obernai also has unique and very tasty local cuisines as the food combines French and German flavors.

4. Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg

Château de Haut-Koenisgsbourg - France

This isn’t a town; instead, it’s one of the most beautiful French castles that you’ll ever see. Located about 62 km from Strasbourg, it can be a little challenging to reach via public transport, but it is an easy drive in a car, taking about 50 minutes. This makes it a good choice for a day trip from Strasbourg by car.

Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg was originally built in the 12th century and saw centuries of conflict and upheaval. It was destroyed and then abandoned during the Thirty Years War and rebuilt by the German Emperor Wilhelm II in the early 20th century.

The restorers did an exceptional job and returned this masterpiece to its former glory. Today it offers stunning views over the landscape to the Vosges on clear days. The inside is filled with stunning artwork, armor, and quirks that will make you feel as if you’re stepping into a working medieval castle.

5. Hogeburg Abey – Mont Saint-Odile

Mont Saint Odile - Alsace

The Hohenburg Abbey is one of the best day trips from Strasbourg. It’s located on the top of Mont Odile, in the Vosges Mountains, and is one of the most important religious sites in the entire region.

The abbey was built in the early 7th century in honor of the patron saint of Alsace, Odile. Still today, pilgrims from all over make the journey to pay their respects to the tomb of the Saint. Perpetual adoration has been practiced in the abbey since 1931.

Mont Odile is located about 43km from Strasbourg, and you can get there by car or indirectly by train and bus. In addition to the tomb, the site contains the Chapel of Angels, and the Chapel of Tears, iconic symbols of the abbey’s past.

Even if you aren’t religious, Mont Saint-Odile is a must-see site. Set above the surrounding natural landscape, it looks over a beautiful, forested area, ideal for hiking and other nature experiences.

6. Best Day Tours from Strasbourg

Kayserberg - Alsace

Strasbourg is an excellent base camp to explore the surroundings on day trips. To appreciate the Alsace region properly, you really need to travel with a knowledgeable tour guide. A guide will give you in-depth knowledge and history to add real color to your explorations. Here are some of the best guided day tours from Strasbourg (transportation included):

7.The German Fort of Mutzig

The Fort de Mutzig is one of the most recent historic sites open for visitors. Located near the town of Mutzig on the summit of Breuchstals Mountain, it was commissioned by Kaiser Wilhelm II in the late 1900s. At this time in history, Alsace was under German control after the Franco-Prussian War. 

The fort was built to defend German Strasbourg against high explosives, which were a recent addition to warfare tools. The fortifications and installations inside the fort were cutting edge for the time, and you can explore some of these new inventions on a guided tour.

The fort could not be used during WW2: being the Alsace back to the French side, the cannons were pointing in the wrong direction!

And there you have it, the list of best Strasbourg day trips to see more of the Alsace. Which day trip from Strasbourg inspires you most?

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