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Things to Do in Riquewihr, France


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Visit Riquewihr, Alsace

Riquewihr is one of the most beautiful Alsace villages, if not the most beautiful! One of the best medieval towns in France, nestled between mountains and vineyards, is one of the best places to visit in Alsace, well-known for its picturesque architecture, and wines.

Riquewihr is one of the villages along the Alsace Wine Route from Mulhouse to Strasbourg. It is located 15 km northwest of Colmar, in the Haut-Rhin department.

Whether you decide to visit Riquewihr on a day trip from Colmar or stay overnight as part of an Alsace road trip, this quick guide to Riquewihr Alsace will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy your time in Riquewihr France.

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How to Get from Colmar to Riquewihr

A day trip from Colmar to Riquewihr is very easy to organize, even if you don’t have a car.


If you decide to visit Riquewhir from Colmar, bus #106 is the easiest and cheapest option. The bus leaves from Place Scheurer Kestner in Colmar, and count on it taking 27 min.


Day tours from Colmar usually combine Riquewihr with other Alsace sites and wine tastings. This 4 Wonders of Alsace Day Tour from Colmar is the most popular day tour from Colmar to Riquewihr and visits Riquewhir, Eguisheim, Kayserberg, and Ribeauvillé.

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Riquewhir Hotels

The real reason we think you should stay in Riquewhir overnight is because of how magical it becomes once the sun starts to set and the day crowds are gone. Then, the locals relax, and this beautiful village will be yours until late in the morning of the next day!

  • The charming Hotel à l’Oriel is located in the heart of the Old Town and it offers individually decorated traditional rooms, good breakfast, and private parking.
  • If you prefer an apartment with a kitchen, the lovely La Maison d’Amélie is central, comfortable, and it always gets the best ratings

There are many other hotels in Riquewihr and also apartments to rent. Check them out directly on this map.

Top Things to Do in Riquewhir, France

The fame of the village of Riquewihr is mainly due to its vineyards which produce excellent white wines. Over the centuries, Riquewhir prospered by growing grapes and trading its reputed wine all over Europe. In the 16th century, this prosperity with the Riquewihr wine enabled the village to build a double fortification wall and magnificent houses.

What to do in Riquewihr? This list of best things to do in Riquewhir Alsace includes sightseeing, hiking, and food and wines.

Explore the Ramparts of Riquewhir

Riquewihr is surrounded by a double fortification wall. There are the ruins of the 13th-century ramparts which surround part of the city. And there’s a second fortification wall built in the 16th century. The picturesque Rue des Ramparts runs between the two fortification walls.

Rue des Ramparts – Riquewihr

The Lower Gate (demolished) was the main access to Riquewihr. At this point, you can see today the reproduction of an engraving of 1644 that shows an overview of the town with its two fortifications. 

The Higher Gate was built by the end of the 13th century, and it was extended when Riquewihr’s defensive system was reinforced in the 16th century.

The best view of the 1500s walls is from the west, with the silhouette of the Upper Gate. The best view of the 1200s walls is from the north. Here, the fortifications were not doubled.

Rue Charles de Gaulle and the Dolder

Rue Charles de Gaulle is Riquewihr’s main street. It is lined with Renaissance houses and framed with picturesque side alleys and courtyards. Most of the prettiest houses in Riquewhir can be found along rue Charles de Gaulle.

The street leads to the Dolder, a 25-meter tower built in pink sandstone from the Vosges. Dolder means ‘the highest point’ in the Alsatian dialect, and it was erected at the same time as the first fortification walls in the 13th century.

The Dolder was a belfry or watch tower. Its outer façade is austere to deter invaders, while the inner façade is richly decorated. Today, the tower’s first three levels house the local Museum of Art and Popular Tradition.

Admire’s Riquewhir Colorful Architecture

This fortified village was built in the 16th century, and it is as if time has slowed down in this town. Many houses built during the 16th and 17th centuries are listed as Historical Monuments.

The house at 14 rue General de Gaulle (1561) is particularly impressive. Nicknamed the ‘skyscraper’, this 5-story house, 25 m high, is the tallest timbered house in Alsace!

The list of other beautiful houses worth visiting are:

  • House (1480), 1 rue des Trois Églises
  • Former copper house (16th century), 18 rue Charles de Gaulle
  • House ‘The Golden Button (16th century), 16 rue de la Première Armée
  • Former winegrower house (16th- 17th century), 1 rue de la Couronne

Visit the Tour des Voleurs

The 18m high Tour des Voleurs (the Thieves Tower) was erected in 1291 and has the particularity of being pentagonal on the outside and square inside.

Riquewihr was the seat of the seigneurial court until the end of the 18th century. In this tower, the accused were interrogated and held, hence the tower’s name. Visitors can still see the torture chamber.

Browse Riquewihr’s Pretty Shops

Riquewihr boasts numerous pretty shops selling souvenirs, traditional food, and of course, wine. I particularly liked Au Petit Délice (45 rue du General de Gaulle) for its macarons and other traditional pastries.  However, the most popular shop in Riquewihr is Féerie de Noël (1 rue du Cerf), near the Dolder. This shop sells Christmas decorations all year round, and it is a wonderful place to visit!

Hike the Géovino Trail

Route des Grands Crus Hike - Alsace

Beyond the limits of Riquewihr lies a stunning horizon filled with vineyards growing between the hills. This is the starting point of the Géovino Trail, which goes through the Alsace vineyards of the communal territories of Riquewihr, Beblenheim, Benwihr, Hunawihr, and Zellenberg. This rural 16km trail (which takes 4.5 hours for the full loop) includes interpretive panels explaining the works in the vineyards and wine production.

GOOD TO KNOW: during the harvest, parts of the trail (or the whole trail) may be closed to visitors.

Look for the Best Riquewihr Wine

One of the best things to do in Riquewihr is to taste the Riquewihr wine. The Alsatian vineyard is the only French vineyard whose wines are mainly white; therefore, these wines are the world reference in French white wines.

The region of Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr produces some of the best wines of Alsace. This is thanks to its microclimate (this region benefits from the lowest rainfall in France), excellent soil conditions, and a thousand-year-old wine tradition. Here, you will find Riesling, Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Muscat d’Alsace, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer, and rosés or red wines made from Pinot Noir.

We bought our bottles of Riquewihr wine at Dopff au Moulin, an ancient family estate with roots back to 1574. You can find them outside the walls, near the Lower Gate on the right, facing the roundabout. There was a fee for wine tasting, and the Riesling and Muscat were excellent.

Hugel & Fils is one of the leading winemakers of Alsace (est. 1639), and it is located in the center of Riquewihr (3, rue Première Armée Française). They propose wine tastings and tours of the cellars.

Visit the Riquewihr Christmas Market

The Riquewihr Christmas Market is one of the most magical Christmas Markets in Alsace, combining to perfection its wonderful architecture with Christmas lights and decorations. This Christmas market is spread over two sites: Place Fernand Zeyer and along the Esplanade des Remparts near the town hall. On the first three weekends, the market is extended to Rue du Général de Gaulle.

The Riquewihr Christmas Market is open on the weekends, from the end of November to Christmas. Here, the wooden chalets offer craft items, Christmas ornaments, and gift ideas. Other chalets offer traditional Christmas sweets, quick eats, and mulled wine.

Taste the Regional Food

Alsace Traditional Food

One of the best things to do in Riquewihr or anywhere in Alsace is to taste the regional food. The list of traditional dishes in Alsace includes baeckeoffe, tarte flambée, cordon bleu, Vol-au-vent, spaetzle, fleischnacka, and bretzel. 

For this, we recommend visiting the winstubs (or wistubs). These are a type of traditional, popular wine bar and restaurant that are specific to Alsace. Winstubs are coquettishly rustic, with a warm atmosphere and local food.

For an authentic Alsatian meal in Riquewihr, book at La Grappe d’Or (1 rue des Écuries, Riquewihr). The restaurant has retained the charm of the winstub that formerly occupied the building, including the iconic red-checkered tablecloths and the archaic wine-making equipment and barrels that line the walls. 

So there you have it, a quick guide to Riquewihr France with everything you need to know for your trip to Riquewihr in Alsace.

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