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Best Champagne Houses in Reims to Visit


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Reims, in Eastern France, is the capital of the historical Champagne region. The city is well known for the Reims Cathedral, the place chosen by the French Kings to be sacred under the eyes of the world and God. It is also a pretty walkable city of cafés, shops, and champagne houses.

If you enjoy champagne wine, then you can learn more about it and even do some champagne tastings in Reims. In fact, a champagne tasting in Reims is one of the best things to do!

Reims is less than two hours from the French capital, so you can visit on a day trip from Paris or as part of a multi-day champagne road trip. To help you plan your next trip, here’s a list of the best champagne houses in Reims for the sophisticated traveler.

Royal Square - Reims

Are you planning your Reims trip last minute?

Below, are some of the best Reims tours, hotels, and more!

Trains to Reims

Top Experiences and Tours in Reims

Top Reims Accommodation and Lodging

La Caserne Chancy Hotel & Spa (top suggestion), Grand Hotel des Templiers (luxury), La Demeure des Sacres (mid-range), Hotel des Arcades (budget), Les Berceaux de la Cathédrale (apartments), Domaine Les Crayères (château-hôtel 2.3Km from the center).

Best Houses & Champagne Tastings in Reims

Do you want to visit the most beautiful champagne cellars in Reims and do some tastings? Here’s the list of the best champagne houses to visit in Reims and their most popular proposals. For your convenience, we also added the best Reims champagne tours, all included. Enjoy!

TIP: If you plan to bring a few bottles home after your champagne tastings in Reims (who could resist?!), make sure you pack your wine properly so it arrives safely home!

1. Veuve Clicquot

  • Address: 1 Rue Albert Thomas, Reims
  • Wine prices: 40€ to 200€

Veuve Clicquot is one of the best champagne houses in Reims. It’s also the second-largest champagne house and churns out more than 18 million bottles every year. Located on the outskirts of Reims, the house is perched over crayères which are a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site.

Veuve Clicquot is located in a grand old house that perfectly mingles the old and the new. It’s best known for its Cave Privée vintages, which are aged in the cellars for two decades. You can discover delicious and (surprisingly) affordable champagnes at Veuve Clicquot with a tour like:

  • Veuve Clicquot Solaire Icon with a tasting and cellar tour for 30 €
  • Taste the Vintage with a blind tasting for 55 €
  • Discover the Bubbles with a trip to the chalk pits, tastings, and charcuterie and cheese boards for 40 €
  • Aromatically Yours tour with a cellar tour, vintage wine tastings, and a sensorial workshop for 150 €

TIP: this Veuve Clicquot small-group tour with an expert guide includes the hotel pick up and drop off, the visit to the cellars with two tastings, and a drive around the beautiful vineyards of Champagne!

2. Champagne Pommery

  • Address: 5 Place du Général Gouraud, Reims
  • Wine prices: 30€ to 170€

If you’re going to take a Reims champagne tour, then why not do it in one of the most architecturally stunning estates in the area? Champagne Pommery is one of the biggest champagne houses in the region and it’s located in an Elizabethan-style estate built in the 19th century by Jeanne Pommery.

Every part of this estate is beautiful, from the staircase leading down to the ancient Roman caves that house the aging wine to the art nouveau tasting rooms. The Pommery champagnes are world-famous, so you should try a few of them.

This estate offers some of the best champagne tours in Reims, including:

  • “Art of Champagne” Caves, which includes a 1-hour tour of the caves, a visit to the contemporary art exhibit, and tasting for 22€-30€
  • Henry Vasnier’s Dream, which is a 90-minute tour that explores the history of one of the pivotal figures in the estate’s history, a visit to the cellar, and a 2 glass tasting for 35€

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3. Champagne Taittinger

  • Address: 9 Place Saint-Nicaise, Reims
  • Wine prices: 30€ to 180€

Champagne Taittinger is one of the best champagne cellars in Reims for a total champagne experience and delicious wines. Located between the ‘Côte des Blancs’, the ‘Vallée de la Marne’ and the ‘Montagne de Reims’, this is the third-largest vineyard in the region.

The estate is guarded by enormous entrance gates and once inside, you’ll walk through the old Saint-Nicaise Abbey, which dates back to the 13th century, before descending to the 4th-century chalk cellars. The cellars have recently been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This vineyard is best known for its legendary Comtes de Champagne, which is rated among the finest Blanc de Blancs in the world. At Champagne Taittinger, you can enjoy some of the most popular champagne tours in Reims, including:

  • Tour and tasting of 2 wines 30€
  • Tour and Brut Réserve tasting 19€
  • Tour + tastings of Brut Réserve and Comtes de Champagne 40€
  • Tour and 3 glasses tasting 45€
  • Tour and tasting of Comtes de Champagne Blanc and Comtes de Champagne Rosé 55€

TIP: This small-group Taittinger champagne tour with tastings is always top-rated and includes a visit to the Reims Cathedral, a visit and tasting at a family-run boutique winery, and a visit and tasting at Taittinger

Champagne Cellars Taittinger - Reims

4. Champagne GH Martel & Co

  • Address: 17 Rue des Créneaux, Reims
  • Wine prices: 15€ to 100€

Champagne GH Martel & Co is centrally located, close to other popular choices like Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot, and features medieval chalk quarries that were dug between the 14th and 15th centuries. When you visit this location for a champagne tasting in Reims, you can tour the cellar and see their interesting wine-making machinery and tools collection.

The champagne house was founded in 1860 by the Tabourin family, and this long history shows in the house. It has gorgeous private rooms and a lovely Orangerie and Belle Epoque lounge where you can enjoy a sumptuous wine tasting or hold an event.

While you’re at this Champagne house, try a tour like the:

  • Cellar and ecomuseum tour, which includes a film and a tasting of 3 champagnes for 16 €

TIP: If you want to make your Champagne trip even better, then make sure that you stay in one of the luxurious château-hotels in the Champagne region.

5. Champagne Ruinart

  • Address: 4 Rue des Crayères, Reims
  • Wine prices: 30€ to 1,000+€

Champagne Ruinart was first established in 1768, making it the longest established champagne house in the area. It’s located at the top of the hill on Rue des Crayères and has huge chalk wine cellars where they age their champagne. The cellars are classified as a national monument and were created in the 3rd century by the Romans. You can actually still see the score marks left behind by these long-ago creators.

This is one of the champagne houses in Reims that’s known for its 100% Chardonnay cuvées with their fruit tastes and silky textures. They have several popular tasting tours, including:

  • Cellar tour with tastings of 2 cuvées for 70€ per person
  • Brunch with local food and paired wines for 75€ per person

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