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Best Time to See Lavender in Provence, France


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Lavender Season in Provence

With mild winters and abundant sunshine, the region of Provence, France, is always a good idea to visit. Home to vibrant cities, picturesque hilltop villages, natural wonders, and an extensive cultural program, there’s something to see and do in Provence all year round.

If your holidays in Southern France include the Provence lavender fields, then it’s important to figure out when is the lavender season in Provence.

The lavender season in Provence is not the same everywhere, and this quick Provence lavender season guide will tell you everything you need to know to choose the right time to visit the lavender fields in Provence.

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When is the Lavender Season in Provence?

In general, summer is the lavender season in Provence, and you can see the Provence lavender fields in full bloom from the last week of June to mid-August.

However, the lavender season in Provence is not the same everywhere; the best time to see lavender in Provence depends on the altitude of the terrain and weather conditions during the previous months. This means that depending on where you want to go in Provence, you will choose different dates to travel or, if you are not flexible with the dates, you will choose different areas in Provence.

GOOD TO KNOW: Why the harvesters don’t let the lavender fields in full bloom longer? This is so they can extract the lavender oil when it is most potent.

The next chapter provides a quick overview of the Provence lavender season by area, and the map will help you locate the different Provence lavender fields.

Lavender in Provence Map

Lavender Season in Provence by Region

To be sure you will be at the right place in the right time, Check out the best time to see the lavender in Provence by region:

TIP: most of the places mentioned below host lavender festivals – multi-day events with various types of activities related to the lavender. If you know the dates of the lavender festival for a particular place, you will be sure to find the lavender fields in full bloom in that place!

Valensole Plateau

Because of its lower altitude, the blooming in the Plateau of Valensole starts earlier than in other lavender fields. In general, mid-June to the first week of July is the best time to see lavender in Valensole.

In Valensole, there are also wheat fields and sunflower fields. If you want to see sunflowers and lavender together, visit Valensole in July, when the sunflowers are in full bloom.

TIP: this fun road trip Gorges du Verdon + lavender fields covers the Valensole Plateau.

Pays de Sault

Because of its higher altitude (800-900m), here, the lavender season starts later than in the plains. In general, July is the best time to see lavender in Pays de Sault, and you will enjoy lavender fields in full bloom around mid-July.

In Pays de Sault, the Provence lavender season finishes later, and you are sure to see the lavender fields still in bloom in mid-August, whatever the weather. Sault’s annual Lavender Festival is on 15 August, during which locals compete to harvest the blooms using a sickle. Therefore, the lavender in this area is never cut down before this date.

TIP: this Provence lavender route by car explores the best lavender fields in Pays de Sault and Luberon.


Sénanque Abbey

The beginning of July is the best time to see lavender in Luberon. However, depending on the weather during the previous months, it can last longer. For example, last year we visited the Luberon during the third week of July, and it was still good.

Drôme Provençale

In this area, the Provence lavender season usually goes from mid-June until the end of July.

TO SUMMARIZE: The lavender season in Provence really depends on the weather: the hotter it gets earlier in the season, the earlier the flowering will be in the northernmost flowering areas. On the other hand, a period of cold or rain in May – June will delay the flowering.

So there you have it, the Provence lavender season guide with everything you need to know to understand when is the lavender season in Provence by region.

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