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8 Most Beautiful Martinique Beaches


Article written by Elisa - Travel Writer & Local in France
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Best Beaches in Martinique

The Island of Martinique, in the French Caribbean, is reputed for its gorgeous beaches with unique and varying personalities. From family beaches to untouched shorelines, there’s an ideal beach setting for everyone. All the best beaches Martinique has to offer are relatively easy to access, and they are easy to explore by car.

But with so many beautiful Martinique beaches, how to choose? Here is our (personal) list of the best beaches in Martinique with a few travel tips to make the most of them.

Martinique Beaches Map

Martinique is one of the best French Overseas Territories for a beach vacation. Here is the map with the best beaches Martinique has to offer. Click on the link below to zoom in, zoom out, and get more details.

Best Martinique Beaches Map made by Google Maps

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Unless you choose a beach vacation in one of the Martinique all-inclusive resorts, you will need a car to explore the best Martinique beaches. Find the best car rental rates in Martinique.

Best Martinique Island Beaches

1. Anse Noire (Les Anses d’Arlet)

Anse Noire Beach - Martinique, French Antilles
  • Location: Les Anses d’Arlet, south-west of Martinique
  • Great for: snorkeling, diving, sunset watching

This Martinique black sand beach is our favorite, perhaps for its lush vegetation and crystal clear waters. Anse Noire has a volcanic origin, and it is the only beach in the south of Martinique with this type of black sand.

To reach Anse Noire, you have to descend the 130 steps or so from the parking lot to the beach, which may discourage some people. However, it is well worth the hike down to the sea!

Anse Noire has a very rich seabed, and snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will discover sponges, gorgonians, turtles, and many fish species. If possible, visit Anse Noire out of weekends and school holidays, when it gets very crowded with locals.

2. Grande Anse des Salines (Sainte-Anne)

Grande Anse des Salines Beach - Martinique, French Antilles
  • Location: Sainte-Anne, south of Martinique
  • Great for: swimming, a relaxing beach day

The Grande Anse des Salines (or Salines Beach) is one of the most famous beaches in Martinique, and with its perfect postcard setting, also one of the most beautiful. This is the Caribbean beach that we all have in mind with turquoise waters and a long stretch of white sand with coconut trees.

The Grande Anse des Salines is located in the south of Martinique. In the distance, you can see the Diamond Rock and, on a clear day, also the island of Saint Lucia.

This Martinique beach is great for families and people looking for a relaxing day on the beach. Indeed, its calm sea with almost non-existent currents makes it great for swimming, especially for children. There are also some eateries perfect for having lunch on-site or an early dinner.

Obviously, Salines Beach is very popular amongst tourists and locals so if you are looking for the “paradise feeling”, we recommend getting there very early in the morning.

3. Anse Mitan (Les Trois Ilets)

  • Location: Sainte-Anne, south-west of Martinique
  • Great for: families, water activities

Anse Mitan is the main beach in Trois-Ilets. This is a beautiful beach on the west coast with clear and calm waters and a narrow stretch of fine white sand. It is also one of the most animated Martinique beaches, thanks to its good connection to Fort-de-France (served by shuttle boats) and its facilities like music, bars, and restaurants.

If you are looking for Fort de France beaches, consider this one. Anse Mitan is the starting point of many fun water activities like diving, kayaking, or jet skiing. That said, this is definitely not the best beach in Martinique for those looking for a quiet and relaxing beach day.

We love the view over the bay of Fort de France from Anse Mitan!

4. Pointe Borgnèse (Le Marin)

  • Location: Le Marin, south of Martinique
  • Great for: snorkeling

Ignored by most of the tourists, Pointe Borgnèse is a pretty wild beach in Martinique located at the entrance to Marin Bay, worth a stop on the way to the beaches of the Presqu’ile de Sainte-Anne.

To reach this beach you need to walk a few minutes on a stony and steep path but you will be rewarded with a beautiful narrow beach with clear and calm waters, fine sand, and a few trees offering some shade.

This is perhaps the best beach in Martinique to get lost for a while. The setting here is great and there’s also a beautiful seabed, with a landscape alternating seagrass, gorgonians, and coral beds plus a multitude of fish. Expect to spot French angels, yellowtail damsels, serpentines, surgeonfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, sea urchins, lionfish, and a few turtles with a bit of luck.

This is one of the best-preserved coral areas in the Caribbean, and it is listed as a protected site by the Conservatoire du Littoral since 2000. Fishing on this Martinique beach is prohibited.

5. Anse Couleuvre (Le Prêcheur)

  • Location: Le Prêchur, north of Martinique
  • Great for: snorkeling

Anse Couleuvre is a beautiful beach of black sand, a hidden gem in northern Martinique. This is a wild beach at the foot of Mount Pelée, enclosed between high cliffs covered by tropical forest.

There’s a short hike to reach Anse Coleuvre, and this is perhaps what keeps it calm and quiet. On the way, there’s an old abandoned rum distillery, and also a small waterfall before reaching this awesome beach with coconut trees.

Anse Couleuvre is one of the best beaches in Martinique for snorkeling: the seabed here is very beautiful and there are many tropical fishes.

6. Anse Dufour (Les Anses d’Arlet)

  • Location: Les Anses d’Arlet, south-west of Martinique
  • Great for: snorkeling, families

Anse Dufour is Anse Noire’s neighbor beach but unlike Anse Noire, the sand here is blond. This is one of the most charming Martinique beaches, located by a fishing hamlet lost in time. The colorful boats kindly waiting for fishing time add a touch of color to the setting and there are also two bar restaurants with an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Anse Dufour is small and the water here is calm, which is great for exploring its reputed seabed with numerous tropical fishes and also sea turtles. Avoid weekends and holidays, this beach gets very crowded with locals!

7. Anse Céron (Le Prêcheur)

  • Location: Le Prêcheur, north of Martinique
  • Great for: snorkeling

Anse Céron is a black sand beach, wild and strikingly beautiful. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it has an ‘end of the world’ feeling that we like a lot.

Located in the north of Martinique, from this beach you can enjoy the view of Pearl Island and on a clear day the nearby island of Dominica.

The sea here is often clear, but it can be rough when the weather is not good. Like many northern beaches, the sea gets deep quickly so you have to watch children.

The many grape and coconut trees bordering the beach provide generous shade. There are no restaurants here but you will find BBQs and wooden tables for a picnic. You will also find street vendors offering sorbets and drinks.

The seabed at Anse Céron is interesting for snorkeling but you need to be careful with the waves. Sometimes, it is possible to see dolphins from this beach and the transhumance of whales (in December).

8. Anse Michel (Cap Chevalier)

  • Location: south of Martinique
  • Great for: families, kite surfing, windsurfing

Anse Michel is a pretty beach located in the south of the island. It is a long beach with fine sand and is shaded by palm trees. Protected by a long coral reef, its crystalline and shallow waters are perfect for children.

Anse Michel is a popular beach amongst locals and tourists. Unlike the beaches at Les Salines, it manages to keep its wild atmosphere.

Along the coast, there are small bars and restaurants where you can taste some local specialties. Finally, Cap Chevalier is also a popular spot for kite surfers and windsurfers.

And there you have it, our personal list of Martinique best beaches for every kind of traveler, which Martinique beaches tempt you most?

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