Air France Strikes [2022] & Other French Air Strikes: Dates, Info & Best Tips


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Air France Strikes & French Air Strikes

Depending on your country of origin, traveling by plane will be your only choice to visit France. Among the numerous airlines flying from/to the French airports, there is Air France, the French national airline.

There are many reasons to choose Air France for your next trip to France. Air France operates several flights every week – even every day – to Paris and beyond in France, giving you the freedom to choose the best time to fly. Also, Air France’s international flights are comfortable, especially if you book the upper classes. Finally, we love Air France’s food which usually comes with French wines and cheese.

However, transportation strikes in France are not uncommon, and travelers flying to /from France with Air France or other French airlines might be hit by a strike.

Are you flying to France soon? Go on reading this article on Air France Strikes 2022, with the upcoming Air France strike dates and our best tips to survive. This article is complete with any other strikes or disruptions that might affect Air France flights – France airport strikes, French air traffic control strikes.

Last update: 27 September 2022

Air France Strikes

GOOD TO KNOW: Air France shares with Dutch KLM the Flying Blue loyalty program, with many flights in share code. Also, Air France is a member of Skyteam, together with important international airlines such as Korean Air, Alitalia, Aero Mexico, KLM, and Delta.

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Air France flights are directly affected by Air France strikes. Additionally, other French strikes could also cause disruptions on Air France flights:

  • Air France Strikes: Air France pilot strikes, Air France cabin crew strikes, or Air France ground staff strikes.
  • French Air Traffic Control Strikes
  • French Airport Strikes
  • France General Strikes

This article does not cover information about KLM strikes, Transavia strikes, other French air strike dates, or strikes by airlines operating on share code with Air France.

1. France Air Strikes & Air France Strike Dates 2022

Is Air France on strike today? Are there any air strikes or airport strikes in France?

» Air France Strike Dates 2022:

No strike dates but Air France will be affected by the Air Controllers’ strike. For the strike of 16 September 2022, Air France has announced the suppression of 55% of its flights.

Air France passengers whose flights are canceled are normally notified in advance by SMS. Otherwise, in general, you can check the Aéroports de Paris website and search for your flight using the search engine.

» French Air Traffic Control Strike Dates 2022:

Strike by the National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (SNCTA) on 16 and 28 to 30 September 2022. These strikes concern both metropolitan France and overseas. Update: the strikes planned on 28, 29, and 30 September were canceled.

Impact: Expect impacts on flights from to France and also flights that cross the French aerial space. The Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) has asked airlines to reduce the number of flights scheduled on the day of mobilization by 50%.

Airlines should individually warn travelers whose flight is impacted by the social movement. You can also check the status of your flight on the company’s website. Check out chapter #3.

Please note that Air Controllers’ strikes in France also affect flights crossing the French airspace even if they are not flying from /to France. Due to the reduced number of planes that could be handled by the limited French air traffic controllers, any flight crossing the French airspace might be delayed or re-routed.

» French Airports Strike Dates 2022:

Nothing to report

If you have a flight from /to any of the Paris airports, check out the flight status on the website of your air company and arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight for long-haul flights and 2 hours before a domestic flight.

2. What to Do if Air France is on Strike?

French Airport Strikes

GOOD TO KNOW: Many Air France flights operate on a share code with KLM, Delta,…). Air France flights operated by an aircraft and a crew other than that of Air France might not be affected by this strike Air France.

On the other hand, if one of these other companies (KLMDelta…) is operating on a share code with Air France and they are using an Air France crew or an Air France aircraft, these flights could be impacted. We recommend checking their websites and considering the re-booking options they offer if your flight is affected.

If there’s an Air France Strike, the first thing that you should check is who operates your flight. You will find all this information (flight operated by XX) on your e-ticket.

a. You have not booked your flight to France with Air France yet

» Be flexible with your travel dates. If you were thinking about flying to Paris with Air France but you did not book your flights yet, avoid traveling to Paris during the Air France strike dates.

» Consider other air companies, French companies, or companies from other nationalities, to avoid eventual delays or cancellations – Click here to browse other air companies flying to France

» Consider other means of transportation (if possible). Are you traveling to France from a neighboring country? Consider other transportation options like trains, buses, or shared cars.

The train, for example, is the best way to get around France and there are many good international train connections with countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain – Click here to browse train companies traveling to France

b. You have booked your flight to France with Air France

When there’s an issue that could affect Air France’s flights, usually there is a warning on the top of the Air France website (Flash news). Click on this ‘Air France news’ to read about the Air France strike.

» Check your Air France flight status. Take your e-ticket and look for your flight number (eg. AF1234). To see if your Air France flight is affected by the Air France strike or not, introduce your flight number and travel date on this page and click on “Search”. The system will tell you immediately if your flight is delayed or canceled.

» Different options. During Air France strikes or France air strikes followed by Air France, you can anticipate, postpone and cancel your trip easily online. With Air France, you can even change your origin or destination and if you decide to do this, you will get a voucher valid for 1 year that can be used on Air France, or KLM flights. Check all the possible options during Air France strikes here.

c. Air France Flight Cancellation Compensation

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. If your flight to /from France is delayed more than three hours, you may be entitled to as much as $700 if your flight has been delayed, canceled, or overbooked within the last three years.

TIP: Click here to check your rights and if you are eligible for compensation 

3. What to Do if there’s a French Air Traffic Control Strike?

Air Strikes in France

France is the country with the highest number of air traffic control strikes in the last five years, with 95 days of strikes between 2010 and 2015. These are the worst transportation strikes in France, with hundreds of flights from /to France delayed or canceled. Air France’s flights from /to France will be affected if there’s a French Air Traffic Control strike.

a. You have not booked your flight to France yet

» Consider other means of transportation (if possible). Are you traveling to France from a neighboring country when there are French air strikes planned? Consider other transportation options like trains, buses, or shared cars.

b. You have booked your flight to France

» Follow the strike updates. We recommend following this post on Air France strikes and Air strikes in France in general. You can also check your Air France flight status on the website, and consider their proposed options to change /refund your tickets.

4. What to Do if there’s a French Airport Strike?

Air Strikes France

In case of a French Airport strike, flight schedules could be affected depending on the service on strike –airport workers, customs agents, or luggage handlers. As a general rule, you should expect disruptions or longer delays on everything.

If there is a strike at the French airport of your departure, we recommend arriving at the airport well in advance. Do the check-in online at home or in the hotel and, if possible, travel only by hand luggage.

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